That’s the first step to achieving your exercise routine, says Ray Wicksell, Knysna Plett Herald health advice columnist..

Ray points out that:
• Between 75% and 95% of one’s expected lifespan boils down to lifestyle – and lady luck. You’re in charge of the lifestyle segment, if you stick to your exercise programme.
• Maintain your muscles. The way to do it: exercise at least three times a week.
• Resistance exercise can help preserve both bone density and muscle mass. Research has shown we lose roughly 5% of our muscle and 10% of our strength, every decade, after the age of 30, but resistance exercise – like press-ups, sit-ups, squats without weights, balancing on one leg, even pull-ups- can delay or even reverse this decline.
• Remember, you have to  nd some kind of movement that attracts you to stay healthier, even brisk walking.
• Being active is not expensive, all you need is a comfortable pair of walking shoes. “Walking costs you nothing. It only costs you well invested time.”
• Walk on the beach barefoot – what a pleasure, being barefoot on the sand grounds you to the earth.
• For recovery after your exercises, ensure you get enough sleep – but not too much.
• While we sleep our brains do a spring clean – literally  ushing out toxins, studies suggest that the sweet-spot for sleep is between seven and eight hours a night. Too much sleep can have a detrimental e ect on your health.

But make sure you get up and move!


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